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Qúe Fitness World's Philosophy

Our philosophy isn't heavy weight lifting and grueling exercise programs.

We believe in creating a myriad of complex programs that involve balance, strength, mobility, and flexibility.

Qúe Fitness World specializes in creating specific and guided personal programs that are tailored to your individual needs.

Our goal is in teaching clients on how to transition into a healthier lifestyle in diet and exercise.

With our specialized programs we can develop the right session routines for a stronger and healthier 

Unique You

"Do not Fear Failure, fear being in the exact place

next Year as You are Today."


                                                                                                            ~ Qúe  Fitness World ~

Qúe Fitness Boot Camps

Boot Camp  style training from beginner's to advanced level fitness individuals for all ages.  

*Limited to 10 People per Class Hour.

Fit-2U Fitness Boxing 

Fitness Boxing  is a great source of cardio and endurance building. In addition, its healthy for older adults. Fitness Boxing  involves throwing shadow punches, hitting punching bags, and mitt work are usually in a class. Call to schedule your training today. 

Fitness Boxing 

Monday's @ 6pm  

Sunday's @ 10am 

Boot Camp  style Training for  beginner's and advanced fitness individuals for all ages.

"I lost over 72 lbs. within 8 Months of joining Qúe Fitness World's Life Style Plan. 

I am living proof that the system works! "

This picture is a (1) year difference in my body. During covid I gained over 40 lbs though I remained active with all my activities such as Boxing, Cross-Fit, Kettel Bell, and Hiit Training. None of these kept the weight off. 

Amy Averell

It wasn't until I came to Qúe Fitness World did I learn about my body type and what type of programming my body needed to make a significant change. Now I can enjoy the foods I like (Yes, even the bad foods) and maintain a healthy and vibrant body.

The plan is sustainable utilizing real foods. No Supplements, 

No Hormone Treatments, No Cookie cutter programs. I received my own personal meal plan that was suited just for me. 


Boot Camp 

All Boot Camp classes are high intensity type of training. We modify each routine  to fit the individual should "Functional Fitness," be an issue. 

This allows everyone to participate despite psychical limitations. 

We are one at Qúe Fitness World. 

Group Training  Classes

Sunday's @ 9 am 

Thursday's @ 6 pm 

Boot Camp Training 

 for all ages.

*Limit: 10 People Per Class  Hr.

One hour of intense an training workout including functional fitness, such as using whole-body, multi-joint exercises that simulate movements people do in life.

"Core" with Tor

Our Core training classes are 

30 Minutes of low / high impact training. 

We  realize Abs are a hard muscle group to target. Realizing this, we have a myriad of ways that will target each and every individual needs.

 As an optional addition, try our deluxe " Lifestyle Foods Program,"  to further assist you.  

Monday's @ 7:00 pm

Wednesday's @ 5:00 pm & 5:30 pm

Sunday's @ 10:45 am

Tor Hunter

Basketball Agility 

Boot Camp 

One hour of intense an training  including  proper footwork, shooter  mechanics.

 In addition, I train balance and dynamic stability while performing highly intense maneuvers, 1 on 1 play, ball-handling and team building

All Boot Camp classes are high intensity type of training. 

We modify each routine to fit the individual should "Functional Fitness," be an issue. 

This allows everyone to participate despite psychical limitations. 

We are one at Qúe Fitness World. 


One hour training designed to  improve ones ability to change the direction and position of the body quickly and effectively while under control. This training focuses on quick reflexes, coordination, balance, speed, and correct response to changing situations.

Call to schedule your training today. 

Alaan "Boogie" Montgomery 

"I love community service and giving back to those in need. Whether that be guidance academically, spiritually, and/or emotionally."

Call to schedule your training today. 

 Play Maker 

Athletic Academy Training

Play Maker Athletic  Academy Training involves next level athletic preparation training. All courses are designed to prepare committed and ranked athletes to compete at a higher level. 

Also, "Coach Boogie," provides participants with the physical and mental training needed to reach optimum levels of success through a confidence building and mentoring approach. 

Schedule your training sessions today 

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