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Trainers Bio

It Starts One Day, or it Starts Today

Fitness, exercise, health, strength, gym, training, diet, personal trainer

George Barnes Jr

Cert. Master. Trainer
NASM Weight Loss Specialist

George specializes in 

 Functional Fitness

& Bio-Mechanics involving dexterous coordination,

& balance control.

My definition

of Functional Fitness: 

"It's about post recovery, rebuilding,,

& strengthening

the body based on current structure and bio-mechanical movements"

Functional Fitness is a unique way of getting fitness back into your life despite life's conundrums 




Fitness, exercise, health, strength, gym, training, diet, personal trainer

Amy Averell

USA Certified Boxing Bronze Lvl Coach
Cross-Fit Instructor

Amy's specialty is in Fitness Boxing & Conditioning. 

Certified Cross-Fit,

Kettle Bell Coach. 

"Helping others achieve their goals is the greatest feeling ever." 






Ania G

Ania Granat

ISSA Cert.
Personal Trainer  


Ania specializes in weight training, strength, & muscle building.

Ania' s personalized programs garner successful results. Ania is known as the

"Lil Devil, at Q." 

Ania's tailored programs are filled with positive energy and encouragement to

 your next level up!

#energizing  #achievement




Steve Bouteiller

Body Building
ISSA Cert. Nutritionist

Steve specializes in

Strength & Muscle Conditioning,

Body building.

In addition, Steve is also

a certified Nutritionist.

Steve approaches weight training intuitively and pushes clients to reach new heights when they are ready.

By promoting

education, & providing encouragement, clients are able to learn more about their body’s and learn to enjoy new healthy activities.


"I Ugly Lift at times.

 I move big Sh*t, & I set Big Sh*t Down."

It's Not about the short run.. Its about the Marathon

That was five (5) Years Ago..
Wait until you see our NEW REMODEL..


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