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Qúe Fitness World


Heather A. 

Heather Transformation

I cannot recommend Que Fitness enough. From the moment I walked through the doors,

I knew I had found a place that truly cared about my fitness journey.

George and his staff are not only attentive and knowledgeable but also make the whole experience fun and enjoyable. 


 What impressed me the most was their commitment to pushing me to meet my fitness goals. They took the time to understand my objectives and tailored my workouts accordingly.

Whether it was toning my body or improving my endurance, they were always focused on helping me achieve those goals. 


 What sets this gym apart from others is their genuine dedication to their clients' well-being. They never pushed me into following strict diets or buying unnecessary supplements.

Instead, they stayed focused on what I wanted to achieve and worked with me in a way that made me comfortable. 


 I have been a client at this gym for almost two years now, and I can confidently say that I have not only met my initial goals but also created new ones along the way.

The trainers here have a knack for pushing you to the next level,

constantly encouraging you to challenge yourself and reach new heights.

If you're looking for a gym that truly cares about your fitness journey and is committed to helping you achieve your goals, Que is the place to be. 


Don’t stop, Don’t quit!


Brad B. Transformation

Brad B. 

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular at the time,

but a friend got me to go to a boot camp class at Que Fitness World

that's where it all started.

They pushed me hard during that class,

but also modified/scaled things to everyone’s own

personal abilities and limitations.


After that class came more classes, after which

I was then interested in personal training.

The personal training at Que Fitness World was excellent.

It was focused on functional fitness, and my personal goals.

I went from barely being able to make it through a class

to thriving in both class and my personal training regimen.


The trainers really know what they’re doing,

and take the time to make small adjustments to the workouts,

and my form, which make all the difference.

I also started boxing at Que.

 It helped take my cardio level to a place

I never thought I would be able to reach.


 Along with cardio I worked on body composition,

while losing weight at the same time.  

In addition, I gained an estimated 10 lbs. of muscle mass

as per my body composition reading taken periodically. 

In the year 2022 I went to the Rochester Sweat Fest.

I was able to easily handle a full schedule

that day of challenging classes,

including a boxing fitness boot camp

 instructed by Que Fitness World.


In closing, I would say that if you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life,

or just feel better in general

when you wake up and throughout your day.

I believe Que Fitness World is definitely

worth your time

as they will make every second count while you’re there.

When I first met George,

I asked for help getting back into shape after multiple knee surgeries,

including (2 Knee Replacements) and an injured shoulder. 

As a result, of inactivity, I gained weight and suffered muscle loss.

I was worried about losing the weight i had gained

because of my daughter’s wedding was to take place in 9 months. 

I knew I had my work cut out for me.


My biggest fear was that I wasn’t sure if it was possible to lose the weight

much less recover the muscle strength I once had. 


 In the process of recovering & rebuilding my strength

 I  was fearful that I could damage  my knee replacement,

 so I decided to get professional help.

It was at this time that  I decided to look for a personal trainer.  

I was never a believer in personal training honestly.

Not until I started working with George 1 on 1 for several months. 


George introduced me to Functional Fitness

and for the first time, I felt confident that I would regain my strength safely.

He explained what Functional Fitness was all about. 

He explained  how we are going to rebuild my strength and functionality of my knee.

In a short time I started seeing multiple transformations take place

I never knew was possible; it made me

BELIEVE in personal training. 

Denis W. Story jpg

Denise W. 


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