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Denise Woltz

Dietary Mentor  

I come to Qúe Fitness World: Health & Wellness with diverse backgrounds in business & the medical field. I’ve worked for several medical facilities which encompassed various clients with physical disabilities and muscular atrophy.

I  have my own story to share of how I NEVER BELIEVED IN PERSONAL TRAINING; until I met George Barnes and was introduced to FUNCTIONAL FITNESS.


 When I first met George I asked for help getting back into shape after multiple surgeries (2 Knee Replacements) and an injured shoulder.  As a result, I gained weight and suffered muscle loss due to physical inactivity.

I was worried about losing the weight because of my daughter’s wedding was to take place in 9 months. 

I knew I had my work cut out for me. 

My biggest fear was that I wasn’t sure if it was possible to lose the weight much less recover the muscle strength I had lost. 

 In the process of recovering & rebuilding my strength

 I  was fearful that I could damage  to my newly repaired knee so I decided to get professional help. It was at this time that 

 I decided to look for a personal trainer.  I was never a believer in personal training honestly until I started working with George 1 on 1 for several months. 

George introduced me to Functional Fitness. for the first time. He explained what Functional Fitness was all about and how we are going to rebuild my strength and functionality of my knee. In a short time I started seeing multiple transformations take place that I never knew was possible; it made me BELIEVE in personal training. 

Through proper training I persevered.  

Not only did I persevere , but I met my goal weight and was able to fit into my dress for my daughters wedding. 

I know my story isn't that unique, I know there are many others out there like me. I want to help others like myself. 

 If you can relate to my story. 

I strongly encourage you to start



It's Not about the short run.. Its about the Marathon


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