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New Clients 

465 W. Commercial St. 

East Rochester, NY. 14445

(585) 662-5589


Booty Blaster Class

SAT: 07/08

10:00 am 


WED:  07/12

5:00 PM


FRI:  07/15

10:00 am


Qúe Fitness World: Natural Foods Meal Plan

Recent Success Stories 

It Starts Now  !!!!

Congratulations to Roxann  C. from ATL, GA.

 Call and schedule your consultation today!



Congratulations to Denise Woltz 

Our weight loss "Natural Foods Meal Plan," is based upon your body type, lifestyle, and level of activity.  

~ Defined as a type of focused training that involves real life movements and activities that require strength and basic functional motor skills.  

   Functional Personal Training prepares the body for real-life movements and activities such as squatting, reaching, pulling, and lifting.

What's Qúe Fitness World all About ​?

Qúe Fitness World was created for individuals that seek professional personal training to improve their personal health and fitness. 

Our philosophy isn't like most traditional gyms, we focus on 

"Functional Fitness Personal Training"

          We take a 9 Dot approach in obtaining your fitness goals and needs. 

We believe that connectivity and bonding with your

 Personal Trainer is critical to your success.  

In recent years the demographics in the United States have changed significantly in regards to living longer. 

However, living longer doesn't always mean that we are living healthy or to the best of our abilities with exercise and nutrition Recent studies show that America is at the forefront for obesity from childhood to seniors. 

Also with the advancements in technology and social media there has been a sharp decline in healthy activities leading up-to a more sedentary lifestyle especially with today's youth. 

We are the alternative factor for your fitness and wellness needs.

Qúe Fitness World has the right solution for you. Schedule your consultation today! 

                                                                                                          "Don't Stop, Don't Quit, EVER"...                                                                                 ~Qúe Fitness World ~


Where you are in life took some time to get there.

Be fair to yourself and give yourself the proper time to change into the person you want to be.

It will take time & perseverance. 

We are here to help.

      "One Day or Today "


~ GehQue ~  @ 275 lbs. 

Yes this was me ... 20 Years ago

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 Are your tired of looking the same?  

Do you want results for all your hard work in the gym?  

If you said....YES!  Then what are you waiting for? 

Contact Qúe Fitness World  today!  

465 W. Commercial St.

East Rochester, NY. 14445

Suite 27


Help us help you in achieving the BEST 

Uni-"Que" you!


  (585) 662-5589

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